Brand New Topographics – Research

We were asked to take photographs in relation to a quote by a photographer as an introduction session. This task related to the coined photography term ‘New Topographics’; coined by William Jenkins to represent an aesthetic for the banal. With black and white photographs of streets that were part of a man altered landscape. The beautifully printed images showed the effect man posed on the landscape, showing the movement of the vastly growing suburbanised world. Photographers such as Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Stephen Shore and Nicholas Nixon created these stunning prints eventually entered the art-world with longly awaited praise.

Topography is ‘the detailed mapping or charting of the features of a relativelysmall area, district, or locality.’ or in the context of art ‘the detailed description, especially by means of surveying, of particular localities, as cities, towns, or estates.’

We were asked to visit locations around the campus and to take photographs that related to the quotes given. Before carrying out the task I made sure I know who the photographers were so that I got a taste of what type of shots to take.



The shots that I’ve taken are presented in the following blog posts…


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