Summer task – (Critical Reflection)


On reflection I’m proud of the quality of the images that I produced for my summer project. The idea of using a self timer and a tripod to create natural images worked well, and the lighting of all images gave a nice contrasted black and white feel. This aesthetic provided for impactful photographs that gave a good documentation. I especially like the wide perspective, making it seem like a presence is observing in on my life rather than being at the eye level of an actual observer.

However, after learning more about photography, I feel that the set of images created aren’t as strong artistically as I once thought. Firstly, by producing 27 images its bombarding the viewer with every detail of my day, leaving no room for imagination, and therefore reducing the mystery of the project. I should have considered the editing process more critically and only selected images that are the strongest and provoke the biggest response from the viewer.

Secondly, learning about photographers using human presence opened my eyes to the possibilities that my project could have entailed. I constantly reminded the viewer image after image about my appearance and about my activities. To provoke an idea of what I was doing would have given more connotations to my images and even a punctum.

Also, even though at the time, I thought it was a good idea to have only me being represented in the images. But, on reflection the image of me sat next to my mum creates more interest. I could have still had the images getting up and in the shower, but it would have been interesting for the viewer to see my relationships with others, so they could make judgements about my social cycle and have more to relate to. Instead I felt the project didn’t even seem focused just on me, it felt like it was focused on the different activities that I did, all of which were common and lacked real interest. It was a truth to display these activities, but I feel now that I should have picked a day that gives more about my life; being relationships, perceptions and treasured objects.

However I do feel some images do stand out considerably in the project, like the shower image. It shows my real vulnerability behind closed doors; enforced by my turned back and stern facial expression. The lighting created by the stream around the shower made for a great aesthetic, similar to visual devices used by Elinor Carucci, a reference of inspiration I used for the project. Definitely making it a stand out image. Furthermore, the images of the leather of my jacket and discarded apple on my plate do provoke human presence. It works well considering I wasn’t fully educated with such visual devices within photography; but obviously more photographs should have been taken on a wide scale and of items that had more of an emotional attachment.

Overall the project could be improved after learning more about photography and the visual devices that could enhance an image to another level. Some images were stand out insights of my day, but the wide array of photographs was heavily distracting and should have been better considered.




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