Letter to Self


Dear Future Self,

As much as you would hate me to go through what I hope you to achieve, at this point in my life, that’s all that’s on my mind. As far as I’m concerned, the hardest part of the next year is actually staying true to yourself and working hard with the subject you know and love. Photography was your choice and it was a brave choice, so you have to work hard at it to become a photographer in later life. I know you know there is a lot of competition to become a photographer, so make sure you adopt or develop a style, which makes you stand out, and makes you a marketable prospect for the future. Never, under any circumstances, shy away from doing something that’s outside your comfort zone. Learning is all about trying new things, so take on the advice to try more street photography and use interesting techniques in portrait photography. Portraiture is again, something that you know and love, I hope you continue with it, because there is still so much to learn about taking portraits, so many techniques and so many ways of directing your model.

Honestly, I’m sure you’ll do fine, because your usually enthusiastic about whatever you do, it might come across slightly over enthusiastic at times, but I’m sure you’ll harness those feelings and research a lot of photo-books.

Seriously, don’t be afraid to be that guy with his head down in the library. That guy always does well, so just do it. I don’t know why I’m telling you to do these things actually, because its likely that you’ve either already done them or not done them, the reason I’m listing these things is because it feels good to say all these positive things. So, when you reading this, think about that, think about the feeling of doing something good and either feel proud that you’ve done it or ashamed if you haven’t (which you won’t). But if under any circumstances you haven’t, take that energy, and use it in the next year, and go crazy.

Despite opportunities to do with social life and part-time jobs, I trust you have some way of balancing all the work and all the fun, don’t be peer pressured, stand up for yourself, stand up for what you believe in. But, saying that, make sure you don’t alienate people with your northern ways, just relax and make friends; easy enough.

From my position now, I hope you can get a full time job in photography; be it commercially or artistically, as long as its something you’ll enjoy, you will need to carve that path. I also want you to peruse that film career that frequently appears in your dreams, so I hope you’ve joined a film society so you can exercise that passion and hopefully make short films on the side of your full-time photography job. Fair-enough that’s in the future for you as well, but just keep it fresh in your mind and watch loads of interesting films. On the whole though; work hard, have fun, and don’t be stupid.

Kind Regards



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