Greater Than The Whole

greater than the whole1 Greater than the whole3

Our task was to take images of a building or object that couldn’t be portrayed in one image. This was the first time I was properly developing film because I didn’t have the facilities at my college. I did however use my Hasselblad 500cm, which I’ve taken photo’s with but never developed. Therefore, I had to learn the whole process from scratch to understand about processing the film, using the enlargers, developer, stop and fix. I found the process surprisingly easy to pick up when printing the contact sheet for this project and enjoyed my first experience.

I choose ‘Friars House’ in Coventry to take the photographs of, because I was initially attracted to the reflections on the building. This became the focus of the first set of images I took up the side of the building. But this didn’t capture the true scale or appearance of it, so I decided to take a straight shot of the whole building on my second shoot, concentrating on the composition of the image; making sure everything was straight and ordered. I also attempted a third shoot, experimenting with the Mamiya RB67 to see which medium format camera had the best results, but the photographs didn’t come out properly when I was processing the film so I could see if the results differed to the Hasselblad’s images. 

greater than the whole2 greater than the whole4

I only choose two images for the project because I felt it painted a nice portrait of the building using the initial visuals I saw from it. The reflections and straight profile shot show my first impressions and give a lot of mystery about the building, so I feel both images work well to portray the building from my perspective. 

Critical Reflection

I found this task incredibly useful because it gave my knowledge about the darkroom and film processing ahead of my assignment 1. It also made me consider different angles and perspectives to have on a building and challenged me to show the building differently and more interestingly than what I would have otherwise taken. Furthermore, it enabled me to experiment with other cameras, even though I was put off with using other medium format cameras than my own because of the failed processing attempt. But I did find my Hasselblad a useful camera to use because of its clarity and weight compared to the RB67. Other students were also put off with the RB67’s size, finding it had to capture an image that was unprepared. I now feel I lot more comfortable in the darkroom and ready to start taking photographs for assignment 1


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