Assignment 2 – Initial Research


Assignment 1

Presentation up to 10 minutes of a given practitioner – Tim Hetherington

Critical analysis, key concepts and debates in the field of media and communication, show evidence of research and development, evidence of engagement, wide range of processes, communicate themes and ideas about photography clearly.

Consider themes within the practitioners work and analyse their experimentation and traditional techniques.

The other photographers within the category of ‘Experimental’ and ‘Traditional’ are:

Peter Beard, Simon Norfolk and Phillip Blenkinsop

Tim Hetherington –

Producer, Director and Cinematographer of ‘RESTREPO’ – Oscar nominated documentary in 2011 – Subconsciously influenced by war films, but it reveals the vulnerability of the army. Pierre Schoendoerffer – Anderson Platoon 1968, direct influence on the filmmaking style.

Tim Hetherington’s book ‘Infidel (2010)’ reveals the vulnerability of the army through images of them sleeping. It was said that Hetherington developed relationships with the army by being involved in army activities; bridging the gap between the army and the press, a dysfunctional relationship in the past being developed into warm, revealing images.

Hetherington’s style is to get close in relationships, but keep a distance while taking the photographs. Getting close in war photography is step from the traditional approach that involves taking photographs without knowing anyone, adding more mystery to the images. But Hetherington’s experimental style reveals more about war than other photographers, and tells the truth.

Witness to record, keep out the way and out the danger

War is boring, punctuated with sheer terror

Simon Norfolk – Articulate the anger, making the images beautiful seduces people into a space that they otherwise wouldn’t engage with – tricks people into it – making us contemplate the photograph – uses beauty as a tool


Peter Blenkinsop – Blenkinsop takes the traditional approach in war photography, but gets closer to the action with wider lens to make his photographs take a more challenging perspective.


– Important photographers don’t censor themselves, they should choose the right aesthetic – The more shocking the scene, the more careful you have to be

Peter Beard

– Suffocation of nature – Elephants trampled their own habitat – metaphorical for humans

– Nature is the best thing we’ve got


Tim Hetherington, things to research:

Long Story Bit By Bit – 2009 – A book about the culture of Libya


Infidel – 2010 – A book about the US military in the Korangel Valley


Restrepo – 2010 – A film about the US military in the Korangel Valley


Understand the meaning behind his work and then critic it considering the other photographers in the traditional experimentation category.



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