Pay homage to an object – Planning


For the image to be successful, the viewer has to establish a strong connection with the object that appreciates how precious it is. In order to achieve this, the image must only give visual information that is related to the object, this can be achieved by choosing an environment in which the object is used, or an environment that tells more about the object. Furthermore, scale and angle is important, along with the composition, because the viewer has to be draw to the object and establish this connection. Leading lines and rule of thirds will help the viewer, and the scale will make it the main focus of the image. By ticking these boxes the photograph won’t feel claustrophobic and the effect will be clear.

Photographers who photograph precious objects, or pay homage to objects are:

– Vadim Gushchin – using minimalist colour compositions and studio lighting Gushchin pays homage to treasured object. Compositionally the photographs look incredibly ordered and draw a reaction from the viewer when individually the objects would normally attract much attention

– Tim Hetherington – Despite being a war photographer, Hetherington captures close ups of inanimate objects that relate to war while in countries like Afghanistan and Libya. He photographed grenades in his photo-journalist style, capturing that solders write messages about family members, friends and interests. The image stands contextually and is incredibly thought provoking


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