Assignment 1 – Ideas + Planning


Lonely – idea 1

Lonely – marked by dejection from being alone.

Common stereotypes surrounding teenagers are that they go out at night and have active social lives, but the people who don’t have active social lives, what do they do with themselves when others are out partying.

idea 2 – Isolation

Isolation – a state of separation between persons or groups

Loneliness was quite a heavy word which jumps to conclusions without knowing anything about someone who is alone. Instead, a photograph of isolation will show a separation rather than a dejection, which more subtly gives a more accurate point of view. A separation could show contrast between those who go out and those who stay in and do work. A separation could show the wait for friends, the isolation of not being around those close to you all the time. A separation could even show a shop isolated in a city, surrounded by multi-national franchises, attempting to make a living. The possibilities are endless, but they must be filtered into a focused study.

Photographers who photograph loneliness / Isolation:

  • Henrik Knudsen – The initial impression of Knudsen’s photography is feelings of isolation, with images of different locations with only one person in the frame and no smile on their face. This is common throughout most of Knudsen’s photography, and it gives a really feel of isolation being the main focus of his work.
  • Andrea Bosio – By trade, Bosio is an urban architecture photographer, however in the project possible spaces, as striking the buildings are, they feel isolated in the environment because there are no people in the frame. However in his ‘I’ve been there series’, there are people in the frame, but other one or two. This series makes both the architecture and the people isolated and gives the impression of loneliness.

How will I undertake this project?

Street photography? Portrait (studio) photography? Diptychs? Architecture? I will experiment with a range of photographic processes and focus on the most effective.


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