Pay homage to an object – Photograph


Homage to an object – Photgraph

Most of my precious objects were left at my home in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, so it was difficult to find an object that meant a lot to me in my apartment. The first object I considered capturing was my running trainers, because I ran in them when I completed my 14mile charity run and also in many competitions, but I felt the connection in photographs couldn’t be established without me wearing them while running, which would be difficult to capture. I then realised that a better connection could be made photographing my film camera, because of my passion for photography. The environment that I photographed my film camera was just in my apartment, but the visuals around the camera were difficult to create an interesting image with, so I experimented with flash and different lighting techniques. Nearing the end of the shoot, I started experimenting with depth of field to draw the focus to the camera and get rid of the uninteresting background. Using leading lines and other compositional techniques I reached and image that I was happy with, although it doesn’t pay homage to the object in bright colours, it shows information about the camera with the typography and the bokeh on the lens. Therefore, without showing the camera with generic bright lights and complicated background visuals, the image shows what the camera is about and draws the interest with leading lines.

Homage IMG_5016 IMG_5057


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