Assignment 1 – Research on Isolation

This article is informative of teenage isolation, that problems with school, friendships and bullies can effect their mood on society; making them turn their back on social encounters. It presented some solutions, most of which I found to be poorly judged. A problem can not be solved by giving more alone time or playing video games, the problem must be solved in society. It’s seen as socially acceptable to bully in some schools if your wanting to be ‘cool’ or wanting to ‘fit in’, because this elated confidence impresses others. So to present imagery that is negative around society, showing that these children, or even adults can’t talk these problems over with people because they aren’t seen on the street, or they are ignored will maybe make people consider humanity differently.

A quote from this website reads: ‘Isolation is when someone feels alone or removed from others’ causing them to avoid contact with people for an extended period of time’ and I personally feel that a lot of people feel this way when their walking somewhere on their own. Because they have been without contact with friends and family for a long period of time, they avoid contact because they feel isolated. Just by interviewing several people about this, they agree that they don’t like spending time alone walking to places, they feel a lot more comfortable with people they know, and find themselves anxious around strangers on the street because they feel judged and secluded.

I feel that this uncomfortable attitude is born from others feeling the same way and the happiness of people who are around friends and family, making the individual wish they were. But, why can’t we all feel comfortable around people on the street, we’re all human, so can’t we just be happy.

After researching links on the internet, I feel like my job is to present these people who are alone walking the streets of cities, and present them smiling. I want to converse with them, making them feel less secluded and more included, this way it will show that people are open. Furthermore, I could show the situation as it is, making people think about the way society is, ignoring people on the street, and basically asking them if they like it like that or not.

There are however, groups that try to raise awareness of social isolation like ‘Action Against Isolation (AAI)’ giving people groups that they could talk to about issues. This is where we are thankful, volunteers give their time and effort to support those who feel socially isolated and the fact that they are also trying to raise awareness shows how blind people are that social isolation is a problem.

Even though Isolation seems to be terrible from the research I’ve found, this article shows the true dangers of it. Those who are well- integrated in society compared to those who are isolated tend to have a longer life expectancy after research that was carried out by the university college London using 6,500 people aged 52 and over. Even with large risks, in society we don’t feel the need to care for people who need it most even though there isn’t regular contact. Understandably family and friends might be busy so they won’t visit all the time, but social isolation is created by the lack of human contact, not specifying whether that contact is family or friends, it could be any human, but those conversations don’t take place because we class them as ‘strangers’.

What is a stranger?

– One who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance.

– A foreigner, newcomer, or outsider.

We instantly label a foreigner, newcomer or outsider as a stranger, a word that involves the word strange (Not comfortable or at ease; constrained). This shows how society has labeled those we don’t know, making us not really want to know them because we’re not comfortable knowing them, allegedly. So this should be something to be challenged and through my photography I now feel equipped to do so.

isolation (1)


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