Does the media effect society? – Sociology – Assignment 1

Music Industry:

– ‘Rock and pop music are a social problem only if one assumes that it is limited to a portion of the population who use it to harm themselves or others’

– ‘Rock and Roll is all too often merely a convenient scapegoat for these problems’

From researching and reading ‘Understanding society through popular music’, it became clear that there is the music itself, the musicians lifestyles and the musicians fans who might effect an individual, and create issues in society. It is presented in the book that rock and pop music does caused harm, but it’s easy to pin the blame down to the music, and not consider anything else that might have effected someone. However, I can see that this music creates an ideology for teenagers, comparing or aspiring their lifestyle to mimic their music idol. The comparing part it where there are social problems and the aspiring part is where there are social pressures, both contribute to social isolation, making an individual being fed what is acceptable in society, causing them more self doubt and overall decreasing individuality


Film industry

– ‘makers of propaganda movies.. share this very commonsensical view that movies can directly influence people

– ‘influences from the mass media, are, so to say, refracted by the personal environment of the ultimate consumer’

– ‘Our rapidly changing and iconoclastic society has repudiated tradition’

After researching and reading ‘Movies as social criticism’ I understood that some filmmakers try and deliberately send messages to the viewer, to get them to believe something. But with our ‘rapidly changing and iconoclastic society’, without intentionally meaning to, films influence social change, or cement it. However, a lot of this is dependent on our personal environment and social circles, if we aspire to be like someone in films then we aspire to change ourselves to become someone else, which effects some of us negatively if our environment won’t accommodate the change. All this different social media will create social issues, and create prejudices that might cause mental issues contributing to a change in society. We become more conscious of our surroundings and create these prejudices of people, judging them on appearance because the look like a character. This then isolates individuals and effects society negatively. 

I wish to show comment on society through my photography, to comment on these prejudices and pressures that makes a normal, happy person feel isolated. I will try to find a way to convey isolation in society through narrative and photographic techniques.




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