(Assignment 2) Tim Hetherington Exhibition – You never see them like this – Open Eye Gallery


19th October – Tim Hetherington exhibition in Liverpool

– Photography from Infidel
(Truth about war, no trouble with the media, showed the venerability of solders and shows people how they would be perceived by their mothers rather than these manufactured war men who are depicted as fearless warriors)
– Video – Sleeping Solders
(Video in triptych form, showing video footage from restrepo and photography of solders sleeping from the infidel series. This showed a different side to the footage, it brought more humanity to the war, and showed contrast between americans and the people effected by the war)
-Video – Diary
(Depicted the culture of the countries he visited in the 10 years of conflict photography because of the shots of society, and it showed how they coped in a state of war, while showing contrasts with life back home, and life with the US army. The point of view perspective made the video even more powerful, making the viewer feel as if they were in the war, watching it all unfold. Overall, the piece shows the how inaccurate current day media and journalism creates false impressions of war, Tim Hetherington stays true to what ever he captures and chooses the correct moment with Guerrilla film making at its best)

The exhibition itself was well lit with large photographic prints of Hetheringtons work, especially the golf image as a wall size print illuminated by work prints in the window of the exhibition. Sleeping solders was screened in a dark room with three different screenings showing the triptych images. This screening was incredibly atmospheric and added something to the work. Upstairs it was less atmospheric, but the wooden wall surrounding the screen that showed ‘diary’ gave a sense of the solders camp in Afghanistan. The photographs upstairs showed more about the connection between each solder, and the bonds they made. After the exhibition I felt, even after doing extensive research around Hetherington and watching Restrepo, that I became closer to his photography and they meant more to me.


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