Assignment 1 – Development


assignment 1 photo

The project of isolation has been difficult to convey through the first set of my images. Through portraiture, it showed the subject in a positive light, which will be in contrast to the isolated image next to it in the diptych. Through these isolated urban landscapes I have found some great locations, using empty park benches which provoke the human presence of the individual in portrait next to it. Furthermore, I found an abandoned nightclub near singer hall accommodation, which literally says isolation, but simply taking a photograph of the building won’t be as memorable as taking an image of a section of the building that says something about it, but doesn’t reveal its whole presence.

Assignment 1


Using the Hasselblad 500cm, I found the images had great detail in showing portraits and urban landscapes. Especially with urban landscapes, considering the composition of the image and the focus was something that was well rewarded but that took time with this camera, because its natural weight and components. For my project, going into diptychs would require the same format of image, so the medium format square photograph works well with this creating equality and less distracting compositions. However, I do feel restricted with only shooting 12 images per film. This however does make me consider more about the image that I’m taking so that more of the photographs will be useable for the project.


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