Assignment 1 – Further Development

Instead of taking photographs of just isolated students and workers, I decided to go into the isolation of homeless people, because they are seen to be isolated from society. During a trip to Liverpool for the Tim Hetherington exhibition I met a man called Jamie, he went to prison several years ago after assaulting the man his girlfriend was cheating on him with. After prison, he said it was difficult to reintroduce himself into society because of his image, his experiences and his mentality. Jamie’s personality and humanity isn’t seen by people in passing; he’s grouped into a stereotype of all homeless people, known by some for drug addiction and sadness. Through my photography I grouped Jamie with his friend, who is also homeless (who says her daughter is at medical school training to become a doctor) so that it shows his strong human connection with others. Furthermore, because I got to know them both before the photograph, their more comfortable in the image. I wanted to show them both as normal human beings, getting rid of stereotypes and any association with being homeless, so people lose that judgment when they view the photograph. Taking this image has inspired me to make my subjects more comfortable and suggest less isolation; that there should be more social acceptance for such beautiful personalities.



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