Walkies y’all


Photography students went on a photo walk to learn more about framing and the subject we were photographing. We were encouraged to consider a lot before taking the photograph, to wait until the moment was right, so then we could judge to take better images in the future. Considering all this information, taking photographs with a film camera seemed the obvious choice because of the limited shots on the film. On reflection I now feel more comfortable to wait for the better photograph, rather than taking a stream of images that don’t say as much as the singularly judged image.

When taking the images, I was looking to relate them to my assignment 1 heading, to try and show isolation. My original idea was to try and find an urban landscape that shows isolation, the image work as a diptych next to a portrait of an socially isolated individual. While on the walk I was trying to find a landscape that would provoke that sort of response. I found that people work well in the images to show their isolation while walking on their own. As an individual it is unclear whether they are isolated, but its the location and the empty space around the person that suggests isolation. This adds a certain mystery to the image that might be able to work on its own without another image to set the context of the piece. However, as a series, there needs to be some continuity, and if there are image with people in the urban landscapes and some where there aren’t the series might begin to confuse the viewer.


Furthermore, there was an image I took of isolated area which was full of rubbish, left without anyone to clean it up. It suggests a lot more than isolation, but it could easily work as part of the series as well as commenting on societies laziness to clear rubbish. But unfortunately, the image doesn’t feel the same as the previous image. I mentioned that the project needs continuity, themes that are common throughout. However, at this stage it is difficult to find out how well the images work together, because the absence of the portrait image next to it

Scan 2

Overall I was happy with the walk, finding a new way to look at the world and capture the right image rather than the easy image.


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