Which way is the front line from here?


When I found out that key collaborator Sebastian Junger had made a documentary film about the life and works of Tim Hetherington is was genuinely excited since the book ‘Here I Am’ by Alan Huffman was inaccurate. I wanted to know more about the character and why he risked his life for photography

The film was an expert insight into the ‘life and time’ of Tim Hetherington, created by good friend and collaborator Sebastian Junger. As well as giving invaluable information about arguably the most talented photo-journalist of his generation, the film shows Hetherington as who he was, not what he was. There was a beautiful quote from James Barabazon saying ‘He was just Tim… its very hard to find that’; and this is the key message of the film, Hetherington wasn’t political or war orientated, he was a humanitarian trying to make the world a better place. Other photo-journalists capture what they see, Hetherington captures what the audience needs to see to bring humanity to the situation and try and make a change. Instead of being a traditional documentary, it felt like an adapted screenplay because of the emotional story, which if you knew nothing about Hetherington before, you would still want him back to take more pictures. It feels as if he brings clarity to photography, his new ideas about sleeping soliders and bravely breaking barriers seem so right, but they were very much is unique traits in the medium, and its such a sadness to loose such a brilliant personality as Hetherington. The film showed an unedited visual of the photo-journalist; Hetherington speaking how he felt about what he stood for, it didn’t just show what he stood for, but who he was as well and how everyone felt the same way.


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