What is Fine Art? (Critical Reflection)

Fine art is… “the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others’

Aboriginal – Language, artefact that leaves a trace on the world, classified as objects that people admired
Jimmy Pike – Narrative of people meeting at a ceremony with fires – people think they don’t understand patterns, artists have to tap into the language that is more familiar to you


Artists challenge other art by using similar techniques or similar messages

Chris Ofili – interpretation of the a painting of the Virgin mary using elephant dung, offensive to some religions so the government removed funding

Yinka Shonibare – Fake death picture – windows opening to release spirit, African influences through clothes. Using a painting as reference, reinterpreting a painting, using a language that exists, feeds of the past and keeps evolving

John Everett Millais – Painting of Ophelia 1815. Arts don’t always draw inspiration from other art, it could be from music, radio, newspaper

Tom Hunter – gets inspiration from stories in the newspaper – saw the connection between that story and the ophelia – looking at history and narrative – another chapter of an ongoing

George Shaw – Shut up 2001 – Creates paintings of photo-realist qualities – painting around coventry – art is about communication – things crumbling and falling apart are in essence the viewer crumbling and falling apart


Tracy Emin – Invested in original art before recession as well as damian hurst – art value is important for collectors

Damian Hirst – The only art that interests him in art about death; collaborated with people in order to make his artwork

Damian Hurst skull

Critical Reflection

It was good to understand about the way people challenge other artists to avoid being too vague and experimental in their message. Its relation towards photography was there, but a lot of what was said had been touched on in previous lectures, but my interest in different media in art has nurtured. Furthermore, it was good to make links between paintings and photographs so I can make those comparisons in the future, it gave the context of photography in fine art and made me understand what was needed in a photograph to make it more artistic. Through my photography in assignment 1, I could incorporate an aspect of a previous peace of art and challenge it through photography, just to give my piece a greater artistic meaning. This way I can easily contextualise a piece give them something to think about.


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