Chris Floyd Presentation (Critic Reflection) – Assignment 1

I was told to research the work of Chris Floyd, especially his photographs of Paul McCartney. However, I was gripped by the interview he did for coventry university, so I watched the whole 1 hour 10 minute duration and found it really interesting. Initially I had no prior knowledge of Floyd’s work and from a glance, his images seemed interesting because they were studio portraits of celebrities captured with imagination, but there was no real punctum. His explanation about how he developed creativity from working hard, and took portraits to bring out someones personality was a real skill and a skill that I wish to develop. It was his portraits of Paul McCartney that grabbed me most, because of his skills in communication, and the way he presented this skill was artful. Basically, McCartney’s attitude didn’t match Floyd’s visualisation, and after a few images he lost patience with him, and said he wanted more serious images because of the depression surrounding the gulf war. McCartney’s response matched exactly what he wanted and began to make images that fitted more what he was going for. However, the real art of the situation was when he developed the images onto a contact sheet, which displayed the communication between subject and photographer, and there was a clear change in the mood.


Critical Reflection – Assignment 1

Relating this to assignment 1; Floyd found a moment when McCartney was isolated, not isolated in loneliness, but isolated with his ideology, and the connotations he wanted from the photograph. Floyd then communicated to give the project more validity and more sight and made the two become together through the medium. The contact sheet records the process; showing the development of character. Clearly the purpose of the image was utilitarian, with an agenda of presenting McCartney as a figure who had different layers, and at heart was a committed individual. But through my project of isolation, similar techniques could be adopted to show the communication between photographer and subject, bringing warmth to an isolated scenario. This project would not be intended to be used in a magazine, so it must be more thought out, and more intended than Floyd’s work.


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