Richard Renaldi – Touching Strangers – Assignment 1

Richard Renaldi’s project is similar to the photographs I am taking about isolation, with two strangers grouped in the same image, but showing more isolation than togetherness.

Renaldi’s project gives the positive interpretation of my idea, suggesting even though they are two strangers they can develop a connection within a photograph. Some images can be mistaken for family and friend portraits because of this strong connection, which shows a lot about society, that even though people don’t make connections on the street, they are capable of getting on with anyone.

For my project it is hard to incorporate his style through my images because its quite a niche style that Renaldi uses, with the way he directs and how he uses his large format camera to capture the moment. If I incorporate his style then it would just be a copy, I feel that I can show a similar message to Renaldi, to provoke a similar effect, but show a reversal of visuals. I will show the negatives of connections to provoke people to think that society needs to be more accommodating.

renaldi1 renaldi2 renaldi3 renaldi4


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