Assignment 1 – More Progress


I went out in Coventry to take some more photographs solely with ‘isolated’ people walking past each other as the focus, rather than stopping people in the street for a portrait or photographing isolated urban landscapes, because they didn’t have the same effect for my project. Through these images, I considered the composition and effect, better than the previous shoot. I used a slow shutter speed, made them out of focus and composed the image to create a modernist visuals. I have completely discarded any previous ideas that I’ve explored before; this new idea has a better flow and more interest than those previous images.


I was happy with the way the images came out, even though they were blurred, that was the intentional effect as mentioned in the modernism post. They were dark and gritty as well, which was intentional while in the darkroom printing, I wanted a sinister side to the images, showing the negativity that society creates, especially because the people photographed don’t look happy at all. I find that the modernist lines act as leading lines as well as a punctum for the viewer, creating more interest and trying to express the togetherness needed in society to make individuals feel more comfortable about themselves. The people in these images become patterns or objects in these images that capture society from the perceptive of the observer, but look more like modernist paintings than considered photographs.


I still need my project to have more depth, but I’m happy with the images I’ve created so far but I will need to capture more images to use as the 10 pieces. Composition and locations will be considered more carefully, which is incredibly difficult when waiting for the decisive moment.

Something that I could try and change for the next shoot is to take a lot more time waiting for this decisive moment, because this shoot only produced 4/5 images that showed what I wanted. But I’ll need to find different locations that show similar modernist lines and shapes, pushing the interest to a higher degree.


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