Editing Lecture (Critical Analysis)

This lecture highlighted the different types of editing to be used in photography, including:

– prepare material for publica1on by correc1ng,
condensing, modifying
– choose material for (a media produc1on) and
arrange it to form a coherent whole
– (edit something out) remove unnecessary or
inappropriate material from a text, film, or
radio or television programme.

The section of the lecture that I could relate to, and got most out of was choosing the material, because I’m at that stage in assignment 1 currently having shot a lot of photographs that relate to my isolation theme. Understanding about narrative and sequential projects was interesting, using Edward Mueybridge as an example. Complimenting formal (colour, tone, shape) aspects of the pictures hadn’t really acurred to me in editing a project before, but using different these different visual devices and grouping them together would enhance a set of work, and it will definitely be something that I will consider when choosing my photographs. Using diptychs and triptychs was something that I considered previously in my project, but the new sequence of modernist imagery with two isolated people crossing paths works as singular images and provides different shapes that can link in a series. However, the activity when we were asked to edit Julian Germain’s series ‘For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness’, it equipped me with the brain to do a similar job with my own photography, especially after hearing my teams response to the images as well. Overall it was all very useful, and something I will definitely consider with my project.



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