Flash workshop with John Legge

Learning hands on with photography really interests me. A lot of my technical knowledge has come from watching videos on youtube, so its great to finally get taught about flash techniques. I felt I learn’t a lot and I’m a lot more confident about taking photographs, with the knowledge of cause and effect with flash guns and bouncing.

Using cause and effect in the corridor, and angling the flash gun in different places to bounce light for more effective lighting work well. Before I found it difficult to get a good image before, with the subject against a wall. The flash would completely wash out the face, loosing detail and making most of my images unusable. But angling the flash upwards and using a white bounce card did the trick in making sure all parts of the face were evenly lit, leaving no shadows.

Furthermore, once using the flash on the camera was covered, we started using pocket wizards to trigger an off camera flash. The most useful lesson was when we were outside trying to use artificial lighting to over power the natural lighting of the sun. This technique makes the subject the brightest part of the image, drawing attention to them and creating a power image. This was really something I wanted to get to grips with, creating photographs like this really makes a photographer stand out commercially with their work.

John Legge 2

After this, we looked into other professionals who use similar gear to create really interesting portraits. The strobist (David Hobby, http://strobist.blogspot.co.uk/)  experiments with all types of interesting techniques to make his images stand out. A technique that really stood out for me was where he set the white balance to tungsten, creating a blue hue to make a melancholy look to the photograph. Then by using an orange gel on the flash, he neutralises the parts of the image altered by flash, making the overall photograph look more natural with this natural look surrounded by a blue tone. I experimented with this technique, it was really interesting for me and I felt I took a lot of interesting information away from this session.

John Legge 3

Just with warm filter

John Legge


With tungsten white balance and filter



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