Assignment 1 – Almost there


I shot another roll of 35mm film with the Nikon FM3A to follow the same progression as the last set of images. It’s increasingly difficult to find locations in Coventry that have these modernist lines and have a strong footfall. However, I founds some locations that fitted my own brief and got photographing. The images captured two isolated individuals crossing paths, exactly the same as the previous set, but with different locations. I got 4-6 usable images from the shoot, making it incredibly successful and well considered. I really liked the new ideas coming into this set compared to the previous because I’m stepping back and capturing more for the environment around them, capturing of their surroundings. Furthermore, I experiment with their contact, photographing the image long after they’ve crossed paths, showing that they haven’t even acknowledged these people and I’ve found that these work well. I hope to photograph another roll of film using a medium format camera so I’ve experimented with different media to create more creative results, and if the images don’t turn out like the previous set did, then I have enough images to use for my final 10 pieces anyway.



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