Assignment 1 – Considering Presentation


We had a lecture on the way to present our assignment 1 work, which heavily involved the ideas of Hans-Georg Gadamer. This theory stemmed from the artists horizon, his/her vision, ideas and agenda and the viewers hoizon, his/her memory, knowledge and experience. Both these interpretations had to be merged into one through the art of presentation. Our presentation must communicate our theme clearly, so how would I present a set of 10 images in a way that suggests isolation; a box? a frame? a book?

I’ve considered both box and book, because I feel that 10 frames wouldn’t seem isolated, they would seem together, as 10.

A box..

I would find a portfolio box and insert my 10 images inside with paper between each photograph. The box closed on a large table would look isolated, and I could write ‘Private’ on the top, almost like a diary of someone with social isolation.

A book..

I could insert the images inside a book to suggest something similar to the box, in a diary like form. I’ve considered writing down quotes about social isolation alongside the pieces, but I’ll experiment with it first to see if it will work or not.

I found the lecture useful so that I could expand on it and think about different presentational techniques that leads the viewer in the direction I want them to go.


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