Assignment 1 – Last set of images

Scan 16

I experimented more with medium format at the end of assignment 1 to see whether it worked with the street photographs I was taking. Medium format is restricted to 10 shots and its a lot heavier than 35mm, so its not as practical for the street photography I was doing. However, the images were so much clearer and finer, and even though they are square, a nice crop will be a lot better than the grainy look of 35mm. The images were taken in the same style as the 35mm ones, but more obvious to the public with my hasselblad in plain sight. A lot of people started talking to me as I took images because they were intrigued with the camera, and why I was pointing it at a wall. But the images that I did take were candid and had the right look for my project so I will print them and see if they will make the final 10.



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