Presentation Process – Assignment 1

After thinking about what do with presentation I finally considered using a box. I initially thought about using a box and putting a private sticker on the top, but i don’t think the aesthetic would have work well for the project. I decided instead to use the black and yellow warning tape to express a similar message. Because people with social isolation don’t feel comfortable about sharing whats within them, and therefore a similar message with my box of prints.

photo 2

It took a while for me to find this yellow and black tape, but i eventually found some in Rymans and got the box and some tissue paper from WHSmith.

I stuck the tape on the lid of the box and wrote isolation on the front of the box. I then inserted all the ten prints with the tissue paper on the top of each to protect them and separate them from each other.

photo 3 photo 4

I don’t like that the viewer can see the points of contact like they would do if they were presented in frames. But the look of the box and the general aesthetic is definitely something I’m proud of.


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