The Proposal – Assignment 1 & 2


For both assignment 1 & 2 I will direct my study on agriculture, more specifically on the evolution of farmers work and the perceptions of the work. The reason being; that in the agrarian age their practice was well respected and necessary to the lives of everyone, now people source from large farmers owned by large businesses, using many chains of distribution before the produce is stripped of its context and labelled with a cheap price. I want my project to admire the work of local farmers, how they’ve adapted to the changing environment through commercialising their farm, using urban agriculture and give up a lot of their life to compete with the increasing force of supermarkets. I’d like to compare their agriculture to the agriculture of the 19th Century by taking similar portraits to older ones. I’d also like to incorporate social trends within the images to appeal to teenagers, and to make farming a more relatable profession, to make people want to know about it. Agriculture needs 60,00 more workers for optimal productivity with a growing population, so I’m appealing my study for teenagers to provide a new generation of healthy living. The video presentation for assignment 2 will be in a documentary style, exploring the perceptions of farmers work currently, compared to 200years ago, giving history and showing the importance of their job. The photographic workbook will show the importance and the evolution of their job, and discard stereotypes of farmers, replacing them with social trends that would appeal to teenagers going into university (Getting them to learn about agriculture to become the new generation of farmers).

farm5 farm4 farm3 farm2 farm1


4 thoughts on “The Proposal – Assignment 1 & 2

  1. You are looking at a matter that many people would not even consider when talking about agriculture. This is a very interesting concept and could provide a good chain of arguments. Some would argue that by taking portraits similar to older ones from history, that you may be not appealing to the younger ‘modern’ generations.

  2. I really like the idea you’re going with here Jonny. I think the idea of agriculture is quite lost on today’s society, especially within the younger generation. How are you going to access people in this field?

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