Plan of action

My proposal suggested that I was going to get portraits of farmers in their farms, showing that they have adapted to the times. However, to fill a photo book of photos, I will need to take images of different viewpoints of each farm in order to maintain interest for my project and get enough photos to fill the book. However, I can’t just taken unplanned photographs, I have to consider each image well. Through these shots I will try and show the personalities of the farmer by capturing what they like about their work as they talk about it. I really want to make each image sun kissed to give it a really rich tone and make it interesting for the viewer to engage with.

I really want to show farming as a profession that has adapted to the 21st Century with the digital age. Older farming photographs were sepia toned and had a serious feel to them in the way the farming families stood. I feel that in the current age, the digital photograph will show their evolution and it will give them a much more saturated image. I’ve considered using off camera flash in order to draw attention to the farmer using a visual device that people are used to seeing in commercial magazines (using external studio lighting). This way it makes the images more relatable to the audience of teenagers and more striking visually.

For my photo’s I’ve taken inspiration from the visuals and photographic techniques of Joe McNally. I really like his beautiful but unnatural images using flash lighting, it really draws attention to the subject and makes the image look a lot cleaner. Even though the message behind his work doesn’t relate to my project, I feel its a great example of using the tools available to photographers in modern society with great skill, so it draws attention to the evolution and skill of farmers.


I’ve made a list of farms that would like to look into for possible photo opportunities;

– Hatton world – West Midlands

– Becketts Farm – West Midlands

– Monk Park Farm – Thirsk

– Lovesome Hill Farm – Northallerton

– Mainsgill Farm – Richmood

– Cedarbarn Farm – Pickering

– Berry’s – Layburn


I plan to contact each of these farms saying that I’m interesting in showing their farm because they’ve taken their profession to another level by broadening their market.

Hopefully I’ll be able to take several photographs of the farmers stood in front of their farm using the Joe McNally photography style and then interview them while taking photographs to narrate it, this way I’ll be able to access the progress of my project and see what I can do after.


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