Economy Needs Sorting Out For Farmers

For my assignment 2 presentation I’ve done a few shots for myself to narrate over about consumer culture. After reading an academic text ‘Super Market or Corporate Bullies’ it is clear to see that there is an issue with the way we’re told to consume food; supermarkets dictate our spending. They reduce choice with smaller shops finding it harder to compete against these conglomerate businesses. Between 1995-2000 we lost roughly one fifth of our local shops and services, therefore society lost employment, services and products that otherwise made it easier for the economy. Even though its easier for consumers with the prices being cheaper, the money isn’t benefiting the economy because the producers (farmers) aren’t getting a fair share, so they can’t input into the economy. With local shops closing down and farmers getting less for there efforts, a considerable amount of the population aren’t stimulating economic growth because there is less spending, influencing the recession in 2005. This is a reason why farmers have diversified into different markets so they can compete better, and help the rise of local brands. More people need to realise the effort of these local businesses, because it will stimulate an economic growth by spreading money around, instead of paying everything to a multinational whom doesn’t even pay the tax required.

economic growth

This does link to my project because I’m trying to give creative farmers more recognition for all the work they do, its not fair for them to compete with such low prices. The more people know about the work they do and the benifits of sourcing from them instead of large retailers the more it would benefit the economy. Tony Blair told farmers that “the supermarkets have pretty much got an arm- lock on you people at the moment”, promising that it was “something we have got to sit down with them and work out”; but yet nothing was done, mainly because its incredibly difficult to implement, especially when the countries GDP isn’t as strong as it once was. If I present my opinions and findings in my presentation, hopefully more people will know about this and buy from farmers markets.

tony blair

The shots that in made in Coventry just showed people walking through the city centre, summarising the consumer. I took some shots of food trailers and in the farmer market, but I intend to go back and get some more. This was the first time properly using the Canon 5DmkII, its got great quality and its an easy way to get great footage. Its ISO capabilities made it easier to use in low light situations than my Canon 60d, I’d definitely use it again.


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