Sketchbook task D – Where is OMSK?

From the lecture on new cameras we recapped about the work of Mishka Henner. Presenting questions whether it is right to take others work and edit it for your own purpose. No Man’s Land uses images of African women in Italy selling their bodies for money, it puts the truth in a dark perspective by using google street view because it shows how visible these women are to the public, setting them in a much grimmer context.

We were asked to use the same style as Henner in selecting images from google street view for our own purposes. I was given Omsk in Russia to make pieces on, with the research topic of Sport. As the seventh largest city in the whole of Russia, Omsk is represented nationally in football and ice hockey, with several stadia spread around the city. Even though the sport scene might be seen as rich, its only dominant through the large ‘Area Omsk’, seating 10,318, costing $150 million to build; as beautiful and spectacular as it is, the other stadia in Omsk have poor facilities in run down areas, and the huge cost of the arena hasn’t been spread through to other sports. Saying that, its brought a lot of interest to the city with music events being held there, also with the popular Avangard Omsk holding their home (ice hockey) games there.

Through my 10 images taken from google street view, I wanted to show the rich culture of OMSK with the Arena OMSK and its popular indoor tennis facility. But I also wanted to show the areas that are run down and not getting the right attention.

Furthermore, as a challenge to Henners ‘No Mans Land’ series, which tells the truth about the prostitution in Italy. People consider a lot to be a truth in the media and Henner has used google street view to make his message ever more truthful. I’ve challenged the truth of everyday society by photoshopping in the same man into every image, if people were not to know about him being put into the images or even that they were taken from google street view, they would regard them as photographs taken by a photographer researching the sport scene of OMSK because the way they are edited. However, when told about google street view and the photoshopped man, they will begin to question the truth, the purpose and the ownership of the image, presenting different questions than before.



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