Who’s my audience? Teenagers or Consumers?

Through doing research around my ideas, I’ve discovered new ways of doing my project. Initially I wanted to appeal to teenagers so they would see the benefits of farming and hopefully the project would either inspire them to work in Farming, or purchase more from farmers markets. In my research I’ve found out a lot about consumer mentality and the importance of consumer choice. To restrict my project to teenagers in premature, its taking a subject matter intended for the worker purchasing food and directing at those who don’t need to think about that yet. I thought that it might effect university students and encourage them to get farm foods instead of shopping supermarkets, but I can image that even if they found my project interesting, that the connivence and the price provided by supermarkets would be too good to turn down. Instead of going with that dilution, I will turn my attention to appeal to the middle aged, those who have the interests to buy more from farmers markets. Even though there is the connivence of supermarkets, it wouldn’t be a drastic suggestion for them to spend an extra 30 minutes of their shop going to the farmers market. This is why they are a more appropriate target audience for my study. I’m not changing anything in the way I’m taking the images, but I’ll need to consider more when do the presentation of the work-book.


I could take images of supermarkets and show the differences between the two. Its worth an experiment to see whether it will work or not. If it does, I could make the connection in the work-book by listing the differences and showing how important the farms are compared to the masses of supermarkets in an area. For example, in Coventry there are 16 major supermarkets that will source their food cheaply from large bulk farming (http://www.thomsonlocal.com/Supermarkets/in/Coventry/) and there is one farmers market, I could show the frequency of the shops compared to the frequency of farms. Thats just a brief idea that could be tied into the project, or could even become the focus of my project if permissions don’t work out with the farms.


I’m in contact with all the farms that I intend to shoot at but its a difficult process for photographic the owners of said farm. I need to either wait to see if its possible, of which it should be in due course, or adapt my project to a more accessible theme. I don’t give up easily so I’ll stay in contact and wait for any further progression.


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