Composites – Task E

We were asked to create a composite of our mini photography groups. This involved taking the images all in the same location and then editing them on photoshop into a singular image and idea. For my composite I wanted to create a realist image. We were learning about the ‘uncanny’, a theory of Sigmud Freud that we believe what we want to believe, and when that reality is blurred, we find it hard to come to terms with it. In my composite I had this idea in mind, meaning that the portrait would seem believable (To my greatest ability) by altering colouring and shadow to make an uncanny image. I loaded all the images into photoshop and layered them so they were all in line. I then played with the masks on each layer and worked out the best combination for the edit. When I selected individual aspects from each person I then painted and inverted the layers and used the spot healing tool accordingly to remove jagged edges. Then with final retouched I used the dodging and burning tool to make sure the exposure was even across the composite. I was happy with the result, all though I and the other students are aware its a composite, and there are subtle indication that it is; but it can be mistaken for a really image, and thats what I hoped to achieve.

group2 portrait


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