Why use flash photography for Agriculture? & a selfie

When I first saw that the project would be on creative digital practice I was interested in making digital images that were, well, creative. I’ve really enjoyed using photoshop and creative in camera techniques to enhance my images in the past, so I really wanted to incorporate creative techniques into this project. Obviously if the techniques didn’t tie into my theme then there would be no use doing them, but they do. I want to place farmers in modern day society through my images using the most creative technology available. Some perceptions are that farmers are a thing of the past and they haven’t adapted to the times, but they have adapted as quick if not more quickly than anyone else. Therefore I’m going to be using external flash to enhance the images, give them the time and consideration by using high-end equipment used for magazine shoots, giving the look and appreciation that they deserve.

Using flash draws attention to the subject in question with intense lighting creating a dramatic connection to this subject. Magazines do have these sorts of images and to take an image in that style will group them in that sort of league.

I practiced using external flash in my room to see the look that it could give in portraiture. I did a close up image of myself, using a wide aperture and a bouncing external flash I achieved clean lighting and pleasing portrait. I’m not going to take photographs as close up as this image, but the techniques and practices are similar, so it was a worth while practice.

These shots I took outside to give more idea of how I would tackle the farm shoots. I intend to have quite a wide shot of the farmer and the farm in question. The farmer will be the main focus of the image, so this is why I’m investigating to see how the composition would work, especially with flashes. IMG_5239


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