Hatton World x Becketts Farm (Testers)

I still need to master how to use external flash effectively, so I decided not to sue it on the shoot. Instead I decided to get some video shots for assignment 2 and practice photography for assignment 1. I visited both Hatton World and Becketts Farm, both of which are diversified farms that have adapted to them ever changing world of farming. Hatton World is a farm that welcomes local artisans to their  shopping village, provides family fun with the adventure farm and great food at the cafe and farm shop. It is a great example of a farm thats diversified and welcomed others to indulge in the benefits of such a delightful place. The say themselves on the website that ‘Hatton Country World is a fine example of a farm that has embraced the concept of farm diversification.  It is part of a country estate owned by the Arkwright family who are direct descendants of Sir Richard Arkwright, a pioneer of the industrial revolution.’ (http://hattonworld.com/home/the-perfect-family-day-out/) – Although there is meant to be an art to these images in the way they are taken, I decided to go for a more commercial feel because its all about the commercialisation of farms. Therefore, I restricted myself to photographing with a large aperture to create a shallow depth of field thats common in advertising. My photography was very vague if one considers they are under the title of agriculture; meaning that they are of individual items and signs that one would not typically assume was linked to agriculture. Therefore, there is a certain art to these images, and that was what I was going for with this shoot. However, I would like to return and shoot more in Hatton World because I want to take some portrait shots and record interviews with people who work there. I was happy with the progress that I’ve made, but I consider most of the shots to be primarily test shots. I was however incredibly happy with the video shots that I got for assignment 2. Going round the farm I saw a lot of different ways that Hatton has diversified and I captured it in motion. With a lot of footage I’ll have a lot to work with when editing and devising a script for the presentation.

IMG_6937 IMG_6978 IMG_6991 IMG_6993 IMG_6998

Furthermore, Becketts Farms is a farm that has also diversified. I preferred Becketts farm because it was tailors more towards adults and seemed much more mature as the product of a farm. They are a critically acclaimed restaurant and farm shop by achieving the prestigious National Farmers Union Marketing Award in 1984. It says on their website that ‘Becketts’ business progressed from dairying to large scale egg production but today, while still farming over 1,000 acres of cereals, it concentrates on connecting much more closely with people and enabling them to buy their food direct from a farm’ (http://www.beckettsfarm.co.uk/our-story/) showing just how much they’ve adapted to the changing environment. When photographing Becketts Farm I considered a greater artistic response. Because it was close to cars and buildings and civilisation, I wanted to capture that from inside the farm, showing its influence on the commercial world, showing how they’re learning from the economy and adapting their shop accordingly. I also tried for similar photographs like Hatton World, advertising shots, using the same shallow depth of field technique. But I continued to take images showing the contrasts between Becketts world and the outside world, and I felt like that was a stronger artistic concept to go with.

IMG_7009 IMG_7016 IMG_7024 IMG_7032

Overall I consider this shoot to be a test shoot, something to build on, not something that I can build ideas around. I got a lot of usable B-roll for the presentation and some great test shots, but I will need to return to improve and take some more considered photography.


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