Photographer Inspiration – Sian Bonnell and Anna Skladmann

I found Anna Skladmann on the 500 photographers blog ( and Sian Bonnell on Art2day ( Both relate perfectly for my study and their aesthetic works well for the look that I want from my photography

Anna Skladmann did a personal project around markets and it shows the subjects posing for the images, smiling and proud of the stock. The look of the images are a bit toned down in colour and incredibly contrasty, caused by a strong front facing flash. This contrasty, flash portrait is not what I’m looking to create, I want a warmer, and appreciated portrait of the farmers. The aesthetic of the images do work for the project. But there is less high quality appreciation, it gives off a feeling the people working in the market are proud of their job, but the surrounding area is dirty around them, so again, its not entirely what I’m going for in my project. Its the posing and compositing that I’m interested in with the photography, with smiling coming through, even though it makes it look staged, it shows the producers are proud of their produce, and I will try to incorporate my take on it through my photography.


Sian Bonnell’s aesthetic is something that I saw and it looked perfect for my object and scenery shots round the farms. The 50mm and shallow depth of field look from the images made whatever she photographed interesting and elegant. I think it would work really well for my project. Her photographs look like a fantasy, or dream from their focus to their colour and that is something that I want for my photography.



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