Flash Photography Trial and Fail

I really wanted to use flash in my portraits because I thought they could make them look really interesting with high-budget-photoshoot-look. Me and John Legge experimented for a while using the youngnuo and canon flashes with the youngno triggers. I took us both a while to work out how they would work together. In the end we got some pulsar triggers out of the media loan shop to see if it made any changes to the images. After a good 20 minutes we worked out a good combination of techniques to trigger both flashes. I then experimented using the flash set up to see what the images would look like, provided that I had it in my mind that the images would look high budget and interesting. After 10 minutes of the shoot I became restless with the canon flash, it was difficult to trigger it because it was so far away and the radio pulses didn’t travel that far. The images were ok, but it was difficult to balance the ambient light with two flashes quickly, it took a long time for me to get the correct exposure. I was willing to work with the flashes on the shoots, but I realised that it would put people off with me lugging around these big devices, so I wouldn’t be able to get the correct images if I’m walking in uninvited. Furthermore, the unreliability of the equipment wouldn’t work too well for me; it would take me a while to set up each portrait, therefore making the subject to grow equally as restless as I would be with the flashes.


Even though initially it seemed like a good idea to use flashes, it would also make the images seem a lot less natural and truthful. Supermarkets are incredibly commercial enter-ties, would I really want farms to be presented in a similar way as a commercial giant? Farms are one of the most natural thinks to photograph, so I should let the sun paint my images instead of something manufactured digitally, this way people might believe in my photography more.


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