Sketchbook Task F – Digital City

We got given a sketchbook task while in Dublin to capture the digital city, but has a digital city arrived yet?

In a series of 5-10 photographic pieces, explore the idea of the digital city and install within this series your own point of view/comment/argument.

You might want to think about:

Whether we shape our technology or rather it shapes us? (M McLuhan)

Has the digital city changed the way we interact with our physical surroundings?

Does the digital city enhance or impair our experience?

Does the digital city aid inclusivity or exclude?

Has the digital city fully arrived?


From what I understand, for a city to be a digital city, it needs to be noticeable that Digital has taken over. In the digital age, a lot of the things that we used to do have become more accessible and quicker. But my idea of a digital city has been shaped by the films of tomorrow, your iRobot’s, your Looper’s, and your matrix’s. Today, even though a lot is digital, you still have people who see it as fashionable to move away from tide of digital. For example, with digital cameras being the most common way to take images currently, there has been a resurgence of the use of diana and lomography film cameras because some people see it as fashionable. Even though the colours and vignettes of old cameras were seen as a hinderance before, they are brought back in instagram with popular vintage filters. My point is that even with the digital age getting stronger, it hasn’t evolved into a digital city because of the love of traditional utilities.






Through my photographs I have picked out images that suggest that digital is present, but its not dominant. Digital technology hasn’t shaped us yet, but we do take a lot for granted now with our linked digital devices. But I feel that certainly in Dublin, its not a digital city. (Image 3 is of an urban farm on a rooftop)


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