Final Photos – But Why?

I chose the images that best worked in a photo book from all the farms that I shot at during this project. They all offer new information about farming; there isn’t two images of a similar intended message because I felt I needed to show the broadness of farms and their diversification from tradition without repetition. The choice of each image was mainly decided by colour, because I wanted the images of objects to link in colour and message to a portrait of a farmer or animal. I’ve decided to position images among side each other in the book so the viewer makes the connection between an object or site from a farm and a farmer easier. Colour makes this connection easier, so I selected the objects with this in mind. Furthermore, the preference of image was determined by the quality. I rejected certain portraits from farms because they weren’t visually engaging, I felt the images that I chose were warm and inviting, so the viewer would establish an active impression of these farmers. Also, I selected the objects with much thought. I wanted say, one image of an item from a farm shop,  one image that shows about their connection to the young, one image that showed the services of the farm shop, one image that showed the farm cafe / restaurant, one image that linked to milk production change, one image that linked to digital enhancing agriculture and one image that linked to farm goods sold in farm shops. I’m happy with each image that I chose,  and think they work within the pages of my book.

Ass1 - Black sheep (4) Ass1 - Cedarbarn (1) Ass1 - Claire Ass1 - Gavin Ass1 - Jenny Ass1 - Grattons Ass1 - George Ass1 - Jenny's (2) Ass1 - Whole hogg (2) Ass1 - Whole Hogg Ass1 - Black sheep (5) Ass1 - Jenny's (3) Ass1 - Grattons (3) Ass1 - Jenny's (7)


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