Japanese Stab Binding – Done in England

We learned about Japanese Stab binding in a workshop. A technique used through Japanese history to bind books together by stabbing holes into card so that thread can be threaded through to unite the pages together, forming a rather creative book. Initially I thought the result looked amateur, like something I made as a primary school kid in an arts and crafts lesson. But thinking realistically about my photo-book, I’ll be able to create a binding that makes it look a lot more interesting. The colours and the size of the book that I make in the session didn’t make it look like an appetising read, but on a larger, more quality breed of book, the stab binding will be an excellent addition to the overall look. The process was very fiddled, so I hope I cope well with my photo-book. As a whole, I learned a valuable technique in book binding and I hope to utilise it for my project. 



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