Uses of light

Uses of light

I’ve been researching on the internet to find images that have intriguing light. Images which are made interesting by the lighting techniques used by the photographer. Each photographer has their own way of making an image interesting and light is a significant tool for achieving this, along with camera settings, film type / digital editing and composition. But light can make an image unique or more vocal to its audience, and light is what can make a dull situation interesting. 

Photographers have the option to capture their images with natural and / or artificial lighting. The source for natural light is the sun, plus any unaltered reflection of that light. Natural light is a lot less creative than artificial light, but it can be altered creatively to enhance images using reflections and the direction of the sun light (making lens flares, harsh lighting on a sunny day or soft lighting on an overcast day). Artificial light is made from a man made object; photographers use anything from strobes, to flashes, to lamps and to the screen of a digital device to achieve a look that captures what they want their audience to see. By using artificial light the photographer can add suspense through warm harsh lighting, or calm through cold soft lighting. Shadows can be made or reduced, and highlights can be reduced or blown out. Whatever lighting the professional or even amateur photographer chooses, it will impact the connotations of their image significantly, and thats why light is so important. 

Through learning the traditional processes of pinhole, photogram and cyanotype I’ve really come to appreciate the use of light in photography, and evaluate how it can be used creatively. Also learning more about studio lighting has made me understand how and why photographers use certain types of lighting


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