Uses of light – Image 5 – Martin Parr

Martin Parr’s photography gives the aesthetic of the popular photograph, the one that everyone takes. But Parr photographs it intianly in this style to reach to the masses and show artistic photography among amateur aesthetics. His intimate and relatable images have this aesthetic through the lighting that he uses.

Among artistic photography, a Martin Parr photograph could easily be identified through its harsh lighting and saturated colours. He achieves this by using a flash in all his photographs, even outside in the daylight. This technique of pointing the flash to reflect the light onto peoples faces flattens out their faces, and reduces shadows on sunny days. Each photograph is made seem like an average image you’d see an amateur take on a holiday, so they appear more intimate, like Parr knows his subjects personally. Although simple to set up, his lighting set-up is effective and instantly recognisable.



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