Use of light – Image 6 – Dagmar Keller and Martin Wittwer

In the series Passengers, photographers Keller and Wittwer photographed passengers on buses travelling through Poland. All photographs in the series were taken late at night to get more intense emotions of the passengers who might be tired or excited. Photographing through the frost bitten window gives the images a soft focus and dreamy aesthetic, making the images into paint like structures of an emotion. Because of this, these images stood out to be an interesting choice of lighting, because the lighting helps the painting aesthetic.


The lighting in each image is a battle between the lighting from inside the bus and outside the bus. Street lamps and the natural moon light brings out the texture of the window pattern. The intensity of the outdoor light has to be balanced by the indoor light to bring out the emotions of the people inside the bus. As the series continues, some images have a more noticeable balance, but others are dominated by either the outside or inside light, which provides a nice variation and draws more attention to a certain aesthetic in the images. This project’s use of lighting appealed to me because of the interesting texture which looks like a photogram; capturing the physicality of the location as well as a cleanly soft lit portrait.


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