Human Presence – Ideas

Idea 1 –

My first idea was to take pinhole photographs of places that meant something to me. For example, the place where I split my head open when I was younger, my primary school and the room I grew up in etc. After taking these I’d find a photograph of the room when / place when I was younger and convert it into acetate along with the pinhole photograph so i can make a photogram of the whole piece. I think this project would be incredibly personal and provoke those who view it to picture me being in that location. I was also thinking about writing on some more acetate a story of what happened where the photograph was taken. This idea does make for an interesting project, but I don’t think I’d feel think I was challenging myself, and whether its just a project for the sake of the brief. Since this was the first idea that came into my head, I think it wouldn’t be right to go with it purely because it sounds interesting. I’d have to consider researching other photographers who have done projects around human presence to get an understand of some interesting projects that have similar thoughts that they provoke.


idea 2

After watching a programme on benefits and council housing, I realised there was a current issue that is effecting people. Because the benefit allowance has gone down, people are being forced out of their council housing because the council have deemed them unable to pay their rent without effecting their lives. Typically these issues are happening in London because the rent is so much higher, and areas like birmingham are seen as cheaper alternatives. Therefore the council in a London borough called Brent are meeting with the people living in these houses and finding them a cheaper alternative. Many working families that have honest paid jobs but find it difficult to provide for families are being kicked out of their housing because the government are giving them less money, and there are equally sized properties in a cheaper location. As practical as it might sound, moving into cheaper accommodation, these people have jobs that they’ve worked hard to get and they are being told to abandon it and find work somewhere else, meaning that these cheaper locations probably won’t seem as cheap as they first appeared to be. Many of these people are from foreign origins, so they find it increasingly difficult to find jobs. Because the council are doing this, there are now unused houses because of the massive relocation. Houses that were once homes, but are now reminders of how the current government are ignoring the voice of those who need help. If it could be possible, I’d ask Brent or any other councils if I could go on a house viewing to see these buildings which once were happy homes of many, but are now bricks held together with the cries for help from innocent hard working person. These cries are now echos as these people have been relocated; so if on a viewing I could photograph the rooms and the walls of these buildings to would be able to capture the essence of the debate. Because we are encouraged to use alternative processes, I’d like to incorporate a photogram into these pieces. I’d like to capture the image on digital, convert it to acetate and expose the image in places where people have been asked to relocate to. The the photograph will be a visual of the distance of the cries of these people, and it would provoke human presence (hopefully) very effectively.


idea 3

I’m aware of a studio near leeds called the chairworks, a music recording studio where artists like n-dubz, one direction and Skindred have recorded some of their albums. Its very much a unique studio. Most music studios are coated with artificial lighting to make it seem like a nice interesting space to make music. The chairworks is a converted church with the majority of light being ambient, shinning through the window. This provides an interesting aesthetic to create images with. I’d like to visit the studio and take images of the instruments and objects in the studio to show people aspects of modern music that they wouldn’t be aware of. Because if never been there I don’t know what to expect, which is probably a common feeling among people, so to do a project in a music studio where well known artists have recorded and to photograph items that they would have used with show people the items and tell the story of what they might be used for and who might have used them. Again, it would be interesting to shoot in digital and create a photogram of the images. I currently don’t know what do with the photogram, whether to place music over the top or expose it using a device that plays the music that was once created there. The later seems a lot more interesting, but I’ll have to toy with more ideas to reach a final outcome.



Overall I think idea 2 is my strongest, but it would be difficult to photograph considering permissions. But if that’s granted I’m sure I’d be able to make some interesting images of the location. If permission is not granted, I’d go with idea 3. I find idea 3 interesting to myself, so I will go to the studio anyway (if granted permission) and photograph items, just to practise shooting human presence. If the photographs are good and they work for my project them I’d be able to go with it. But for now, idea 2 is definitely my strongest.


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