154 MC – Artefact – Megalopolis and Album Video

Outside university I’ve engaged myself with several personal projects. I’ve had paid photography jobs to photograph events, world champion boxer Barry McGuigan and promotional album cover shoots. I’ve also tried several personal projects (Observers and Megalopolis) that I can keep photographing to try and improve my photography and create a body of work that I can be proud to present to the public.



This personal project explores the binary of city life; a busy place with constant noise that some people are afraid of; in contrast, others see it as the harmonious voice of the city that people enjoy in their own space. There is a slight awkwardness about being in a highly concentrated area; crowds of strangers brushing themselves briefly into the lives of others with no prior contact. Unless there is a display of common ground, little significance will come out of these brief encounters. Some of us find our comfort in the rush of the city and appreciate the space and time that they’re part of. They indulge themselves in the moment and carry out orderly life in the stream of the city. When you stop and look, you can appreciate the city more, the megalopolis.

I’ve visited London and Paris to carry out this project to form the megalopolis. An experience that has made me enjoy street photography and become a lot more confident to go up to people with my camera and capture images. I used to step back and capture photographs that are more environmental, but they showed a lot less emotion, and a lot less artistic content. Photographing people close up sometimes gets a reaction, and capturing that is part of how we cope in the city, how we react to other people.

I hope to continue with this project to get more vision for the outcome and to develop more ideas to get a mix of images to use for a book or exhibition. This way I’ll be able to share my project and be proud its good work.

IMG_7097 IMG_7119 IMG_7134 IMG_7135

IMG_6272-2 IMG_6275-2 IMG_6281-2 IMG_6284-2-2


IMG_7357-2 IMG_7358 IMG_7411 IMG_7443

Album video / Shoot:

I got paid to photograph and video a day in the chairworks studio by saxophonist Krzysztof Urbanski. It was an experience working in a space where I had to be quite and creative at the same time. To photograph busy people is always difficult, but I was able to get the photos needed from the shoot by observing and using the available light. The video that I produced is one of my proudest works; I enjoy going into video as well as photography because it widens the horizons of the modern photographer, and this video in particular helped my reputation as a diverse image maker. It was primarily an interview of all the musicians in the band but it had some beautiful natural shots taken around the studio on the day to separate up the footage. The interview shots were presented elegantly by the alluring window light on one side of the face, with the photogenic brick work in the background making the image look traditional and high-class. I was very proud of the finished product and hope the reception meets my expectation.


IMG_6649 IMG_6750 IMG_6981 IMG_6782 IMG_6823 IMG_6717

Barry McGuigan Shoot:

Both myself and fellow student Thomas Tierney got the opportunity to shoot with 1985 world champion boxer Barry McGuigan, possibly the nicest person I’ve photographed. Both me and Tom collaborated on two nights to photograph Barry with people who came to see his talk at Christ the king community centre. We both made images throughout the night and made around £500 from print sales on both nights. It was a great experience to photograph a high profile subject while being on a very tight deadline so we could sell the prints on the night. The shoot got our names out there in the community and it gave us valuable experience photographing events and portraits.



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