Task 3 – Objects

My idea is for the photographs of objects to be sequenced next to each portrait photograph so its matching in message. For each image I’d take a photograph of a camera on a tripod to symbolise the self-portrait. I want to show the loneliness and isolation of self-portraiture photography, to show the need for collaboration even though this collaboration might create bias or awkwardness, it is needed for the comfortability that someone skilled is capturing their trained interpretation of you. The self-portrait is made with little direction or awareness, and it can create ambitious photographs that seem staged. My photographs will run with a similar theme, I will photograph one image with high key lighting of the camera on a tripod in the studio environment with a snoot to directionally light the object with a reflector to fill the shadows and a soft box to light the background. This will run alongside the fashion image because its a more commercial image.

The second image will be more artistic again. It will be a camera on a tripod thats isolated in a room with one softbox lighting it for far back on the side. I want to show the space to exentuate loneliness of self-portraiture, having space that feels like its the audience, the camera crew, staring at you as the sole model. This will go alongside the more artistic self-portrait to create another similar diptych for the series.



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