Music Industry Research

The music industry now is less about the music, its about the way people are managed and how they act in the public eye. Normal people like the idea of meeting the musicians so they can tell everyone about it. A lot of bands and artists produce similar types of music but those who look the part and have the money behind them excel because they get large fan groups to spread their activities round the internet through social media platforms like twitter and facebook. Boy-bands like one direction are driven by promoters to get people to engage with them; more specifically, teenagers. Scientists say that because teenagers are going through adolescence they are forming attachments to these musicians because they feel like the lyrics are speaking to them personally, so they will do anything to make sure they meet their idols and not necessarily be too interested in the music that causes these feelings. Because of this, those who have money have an armlock on the music industry and are making the music loose its substance so it becomes a ploy for money. In a lot of cases the music is recorded in space where the creativity of the artist has blossomed to make some engaging, poetic songs. But people won’t always listen out for that, they’d be interested in who it is not how good it is. The public has lost their critical thinking for music and the way its recorded is lost in the hype of the media.

Paul Dacre, Hugh Cudlipp Memorial Lecture, 2007 – On newspapers


“need to be sensational, irreverent, gossipy, interested in celebrities and human relationships and, above all, brilliantly entertaining sugar coated pills if they are to attract huge circulations and devote considerable space to intelligent, thought-provoking journalism, analysis and comment on important issues … We live in a world where, frankly, many electors are more interested in Celebrity Big Brother than in affairs of state. And any paper that manages both to entertain and engage millions of readers with brilliantly written serious journalism on the great issues of the day is playing an important role in democracy

The space in which the music is created isn’t appreciated because of this hype. People are unaware of the studio environment. A place where all the mediation is forgotten and the music takes centre stage. The studio is a quiet but collaborative space that has soaked in the essence of each artist thats recorded in the space; making it a well respected environment where the true music is created.

But studios aren’t always used in the digital age because any room can be used if you have the right recording devices.

‘While recording artists still need some type of music studio for cutting and mixing music, the digital era has simplified the process. Plenty of large studios still exist to provide sophisticated, high-end services, but many musicians have turned to smaller studios using computers and digital sound equipment.’

The chairworks studio that I’m hoping of visiting is a renovated factory that is one of the largest in the north, its got interesting architecture that improves the essence of the place.!clients/c1lzk

‘These rooms are carefully constructed to promote sound quality.’

The recording space has not been forgotten, one direction promoted the space in the music video for ‘Little Things’


Other artists reference their studios; famously with The Beatles album ‘Abbey Road’ in 26 September 1969 (even though the album was recorded mostly in Trident studios)



Furthermore, cinematic musicians like Hans Zimmer record their soundtracks in music studios, and release the videos of where it was recorded.


Lastly, McFly filmed their music video for ‘All About You’ in a music studio for comic relief in 2005. The video featured celebrities like Graham Norton, Ruby Wax and Dermot O’Leary.


People are still aware of the space but something needs to be done as a homage for the studios. My project will hopefully respect the space and add mystery to who recorded there. I want the images to by aesthetically pleasing and reflect human presence of who recorded their. I will look around for items that show this and make it look like a visually striking space.


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