Council Housing Photographs

I was lucky enough to be allowed into a council house despite all the bad luck that i had contacting people on gumtree. I went for a house viewing in a house around coventry, but it didn’t give the true feeling that I wanted for the project. One of my friends brother was allocated a council house in birmingham because the previous family couldn’t pay the rent of the council house considering the cap on benefits. The house still had the essence of the previous family on the walls and in the items that were left. The photographs in the house in coventry still had possessions of the current tenants so it didn’t really reflect the space that I wanted to show.

IMG_7537 IMG_7538

The images that i selected from the shoot in Birmingham were very similar in colour and they all had indicators of what the people who once lived there were like. I really like the scares left on the walls because they could also be from the tenants prior to that family; there is a lot of mystery about this photography. Furthermore, the image of the bed stood out to me because its a masked with the sheets of the new tenant; making the uneducated observer unaware of what once was. It therefore provokes the human presence of both the previous tenant and the current tenant, especially with the ipod earphone stretching into the frame as well as the dishevelled bed sheets. The other images stood out to me because of the stains and the marks on the wall, the give a real sense of human presence, showing who once living there. They also give a sense of the decoration preference of the individual or want they had to deal with from the council. Either way it shows an insight of how they used to live.

Images I will use

IMG_7515 IMG_7514 IMG_7526

I want to use the images as a triptych and develop them as a photogram. Making them into thick black and white images to bring out the detail. But I want to only leave them in the fix for 30 seconds so the images fades with time as the does the essence of those who once lived within those walls.

Images I won’t use:

IMG_7525 IMG_7536



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