Human Presence Photographs – Final Idea

During my group feedback session, everybody liked the images that I’d taken as part of my project and liked the overall idea but they thought the that the project didn’t show the idea to its fullest potential. After making the prints out of an acetate image using the light of a music video on my phone, the images came out with altered exposures. The piano image was under-exposed, the jacket image was over exposed and the piano leg image was exposed correctly. Without context in the exhibition space people would be unaware of the idea and reasoning behind the different exposures. After doing research around the music industry I found that recording studios aren’t being used by musicians anymore. People are buying digital sound recorders and recording songs in their own house. The idea that I have for the council house idea was to leave the images in the fix for 1minute so the tones of the image would fade and I thought that would symbolise the hopes of the vacant fading. This is the same for the music industry as well because recording studios are fading with the progression of digital media, so I can experiment fading the prints with that technique as well. Furthermore, to give the image more context I could put the name of the song / music video that I exposed the image with, this way people will be more likely to make the connection with the process. How to present the images was also crossed my mind. I’m considering mounting the prints onto mount-board with sheets of music pasted onto the background of the image to sent it in the context of music and expose them so they are in the fix for even less. This will case them to have an interesting, dated, yellow hue. Either that or do a salt print of them so they also have this traditional look.

img002 img003 img004

I’m happy with the music shots of human presence being my main idea and body of work for this project. Even though I thought the council house were a good idea, I felt like the music ones fit the brief more with the alternative process. The council house images have a muted colour scheme that would only properly work with colour images. If I were to convert them to black and white to use an alternative process then it would seem like I’d be doing it for the sake of it. I feel that by doing an alternative process for my other set pushes the images even further within their context and it supports them very well as artefacts.



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