Task 3 – Final Images

Untitled-9 Untitled-10

I wanted to make the fashion shots look more like they were from a fashion shoot. So I edited the portrait on photoshop with the curves tool, so it would make the colours more washed out. This edit makes the image have a lot more purpose as a fashion image and has context without explanation because people recognise the similar tones and associate it with fashion photography. After taking both the object photographs I realised that they didn’t work with the portrait images because the colours were different. To change this I selected the camera and tripod by using the quick selection tool and inverting it. I then copy and pasted the selection so I could change the colour of the background without effecting the colour of the camera and tripod. To achieve the same colour I used the photo-filter tool and found colour combinations that made it match the colour of the portrait. This way people could make the connection between the two sets easier.

10370608_10203186213392663_159996548_n self portraiture


final object 1 final object 2

The object images show; in the artistic one, that the camera is a daunting object that can effect representation because its looking down. Its height shows the influence that it can have on people, making awkward images that could effect people negatively and this possibility effects our pose in photographs. Both images show the loneliness and isolation of self portraiture by showing the space around the camera. Its an unfamiliar aesthetic because we are used to seeing an operator but instead it looks awkward. The fashion photograph of the camera look a bit less daunting with the light tones and the lower position but still isolated.

I’m pleased with the images because they show the presentable vs the unpresentable, giving my interpretation of modern self-portrait photography that people like to control the connotations of the image and mask their emotions.


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