The Formula of Self-Portraiture

There are two aspects of self portraiture; the presentable and the unpresentable. Portrait photography in the modern day is important to people who want to represent themselves on social media and in public places. There is a binary in modern portrait photography; the fashion/commercial and the artistic. Or more specifically in self portraiture; the presentable vs the unpresentable. An image with desirable fashion lighting and a fashion pose would be a photograph people would be proud to show others. This would be the stereotypical self-portrait that people are happy with, this would be an image that masks emotions and shows little connection to a true portrait of an individual. However, a true portrait doesn’t mask emotions or imperfections, it should be an accurate interpretation of what the person is like. People find photography uncomfortable because they want to control the connotations of the image and how they want to be perceived. People get too conscious that they lose sight of who they are because of media influence and the photographs of others. The camera is a daunting object that has the power to change representation, most are camera shy and little find the camera an object of comfort but they mask their emotions with a smile or pose to make them feel comfortable. This is the way portrait photography has arguably evolved into, and this interpretation reflects its new form.

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