Library task: Mitra Tabrizian

We got set the module of working with light with a short presentation in the library. We got tell certain types of lighting and deconstructed images with these different techniques. There were several photographers that we got allocated that would be useful to our study in this module, they were:

  • Mario Testino
  • Agata Madejska
  • Giuseppe Penone
  • Ori Gersht
  • Philip lorca Dicorcia
  • Trent Parke
  • Mitra Tabrizian

I am an admirer of Lorca Dicorcia’s work. Especially the hustlers series because they are all elegantly lit in locations that portray in interesting mood. I appreciate the technique of the ‘Headshots’ series but I’ve seen the images so much that I have come to lose interest in the aesthetics of the images.

geft.184.2.650 philip_lorca_di_corcia_ - image 11 tumblr_mbdgj1nX301r7k0eco1_1280

The photographer that I got allocated to look into was the British-Iranian photographer Mitra Tabrizian. She explores portraiture in her home city of Teheran, going into a politically considered creative process inspired by her engagement with psychoanalytical theory, and identity politics such as feminism, race, gender and sexuality formed by the debates of the past two decades. The book that I was asked to explore was ‘This is that place’, containing work that toys with fact and fiction. She careful finds locates and models that she can use for her images. Images that some see as movie posters or other advertising shots. The lighting used seems like it suits the environment but it is still artificial. A particular photograph that I find interesting is her photograph of two building blocks and several people scattered in a seemingly place pattern into her panorama. The light of the sun causes harsh lighting on the scene and brings it to life. It also beams against each person, creating shadows that give them dimension. I really like this image because it comments on iran with all the women wear saris and the men wearing their normal clothing, which explores her themes of feminism, race, gender and sexuality as mentioned before. Her photograph is very aesthetically pleasing with interesting moral comments, and the lighting aids its place in the art world.

61wuRkCXoML bild


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